Technology Class Feedback

This is what our course participants had to say:

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SUGGESTION: More hands on training

Jit Sunga

What I liked: good work thank you.

Abha Goomar

What I liked: The classes were small most of the time, and there was an opportunity to ask questions.

SUGGESTION: Please offer intermediate and advanced classes now, as hopefully the basic info has been covered.

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What I liked: Mr. Gupta is an excellent teacher and he was going non-stop for 3 hours for our benefit, he is really pleasant about answering our questions, sometimes they can be very silly. I really truly learned a lot from that seminar.

No name

What I liked: Learning.

SUGGESTION: I attended only one class.

No name

What I liked: the depth knowledge and patience to deal with the seniors. Always there to assist anyone who needed help.

SUGGESTION: ensuring Wi-Fi is available. The serving snacks not needed unless class is longer than 3 hours.

No name

What I liked: I know the basics of how to operate the computer system. My reason for attending the class was to improve my knowledge. I learned certain things at that time. I couldn't attend the iPhone,iPad class because of the weather.

SUGGESTION: If you can, have the classes in the afternoon.

No Name

What I liked: Explanation of the basics of computer technology in simple easy to follow language.rnOpportunity for questions and interaction.

SUGGESTION: If possible the timing to more daytime sessions.

Nand Tandan

What I liked: The instructor and his assistant were well prepared, lucid and knowledgeable. They answered all questions patiently. Each and every attendee's needs were addressed individually and collectively.

SUGGESTION: I think the four-hour format worked better.

Pragna Trivedi

What I liked: Excellent program and excellent teacher and assistant... We should continue in 2017. It is very informative and an eye-opener to really understand what we are doing and why? I will take it again in 2017. I learned about smart-phone and I pad just to know about them and now I may buy if I need because I know now what is a smart-phone and I pad...rn

SUGGESTION: nothing should be changed...I like 2 hrs. classes better than 3 hrs... from 6pm -8 pm time slot...rnrn

Shree and Sudha Kanhere

Dear Nand,

We would like to thank the ICCC Seniors group for the Techno Workshops held at the Orleans Library.

We attended both the workshops held at the Library. We are now able to use our computer, laptop, iPad etc., more efficiently.

We would like to thank Piyush Gupta,Technology Team Captain & Instructor and Puneet Aggarwal, Technology Instructor for the excellent tutoring.

We would appreciate more of similar classes in future as we are sure we can learn more in computor Technology.


Shree and Sudha Kanhere

No name

What I liked: The instructor Mr. Piyush Gupta was explaining the topic very patiently and peacefully.

SUGGESTION: Timing- I would like in the day time.