Life Skills Workshop (Nov/Dec) – Your Feedback

This is what our workshop participants had to say:

Anil Agrawal

What I liked most was it was an eye opener to start seeing my life as it has turned out. I admit my past choices, decisions and actions have shaped what I have and who I have become TODAY. Going forward, I am in the driver's seat. I can make choices and take appropriate action to shape the future I want.

SUGGESTIONS: Allow time for interactions in smaller groups (3-4). This exercise will enable participants to vocalize their own thoughts and feelings as well as exchange notes with others.

VALUE: I am awake, alert and active going forward. I never knew my life mattered. Now I know I am rich with all the assets I have gathered. I am ready to move forward with all I have got and who I have become.

Premdutt Sharma

The atmosphere was positive and congenial. Attendees gave their opinions. Anil ji was very accommodating to the views expressed by others. I feel lucky to have attended it.

SUGGESTION: Hindi expression should have been used.the words and phrases used in slides should have been discussed more.

VALUE: Be thyself.bury the past and live in present. Be flexible and forgiving.

Praduman and Neelam Tandan

Got some insight on me and life. It is very informative and can be used in planning my future. nWe have missed third class and will catch when we can. Some people will get more out of it if presented in Hindi. Please see if you can plan one session in Hindi. It was a big commitment from your side. Thanks and regards. Duman and Neelam.

No name

I liked the topics covered, the content, the value received and that snacks were provided.

SUGGESTION: the timing of the classes could be improved to be more consistent and convenient

VALUE: I was impressed with how Anil distilled the content of his life experience as well as numerous resources into a workshop that was rich in insightful content and practical steps to get unstuck and go from here to where you want to be. The interactive nature of the workshops added another dimension of richness as we all were able to benefit from 100's of years of life experience from the other participants. It was a very interesting experience and I would definitely attend it again.

James and Chander Kumar Imlach

We have had few similar workshops while we were working in our professions we were engaged in professional life, but it is very nice to get this new prospective into our future. Much to ponder on.

SUGGESTIONS: May be bit more time for discussion.

VALUE: We like the session on balance life. We would take it again to absorb more, doing again ,some homework would us to get more out of it.