About Seniors Programs

Indo-Canadian Community Centre (ICCC)

Incorporated in Ontario in June 1977 and registered as a charity under the taxation laws of Canada for the purpose of community service, ICCC  launched a Seniors initiative in 2011 to encourage the social participation and inclusion of seniors in the Indo-Canadian community.

New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) Grant

In 2016, the Canadian Federal Department of Employment and Social development Canada awarded the ICCC with a grant under its New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). This Program aims to reduce the social isolation of seniors. Studies have shown that social isolation of seniors negatively impacts healthcare costs. As such, Govt. anticipates that greater social participation and engagement of seniors will improve seniors’ well-being and reduce pressure on the healthcare costs.

Pursuant to the Grant objectives, ICCC  has launched a Seniors Program to support participation and inclusion of seniors across Ottawa.

Grant Objectives

The success of this grant will be measured on these objectives.

  1. To promote Volunteerism among seniors and younger generation: We need to engage seniors in volunteer work in various activities engaging seniors in those activities such as socialization, Yoga, games, seminars and workshops, mentoring, trips and outings, etc.
  1. To engage seniors in mentoring activities: Mentoring is to engage seniors in sharing their wisdom, experience, knowledge and skills in mentoring/guiding seniors and youth in the Ottawa community in areas such as life skills, job search, career change, making adjustment to Canada, and so on.

This requires two initiatives: i) To identify seniors who are willing to mentor others, and create a roster of skill sets available; and ii) To promote this service across the community, and connect desiring individuals with the available mentors.

  1. To promote awareness, and inform and educate seniors: We will organize regular seminars and workshops to inform and educate senior on topics such as health and wellness, elder abuse, fall prevention, health, diet and nutrition, mobility, transportation, use of technologies, etc.
  1. To create facilities for the infrastructure and tools for shared use by seniors: The grant provides for a set of computers, printers and projection equipment to enable seniors to learn use of technology and communication. A shared facility will be set up, and seniors will be engaged to educate seniors in the community in using technology such as email, Internet, word processing, smartphones, tablets, etc.

ICCC Seniors Program Coordination Committee

An ICCC Seniors Coordination Committee manages the seniors programs, and monitors the use of the grant money. The committee is mandated to pursue the grant objectives and adhere to the terms of the grant contract.

The Coordination committee reports to the ICCC Board of Directors through the representatives of the ICCC Board on the committee.

Action Teams

The Coordination Committee has set up Action Teams to pursue the different objectives. Each Team is mandated to define and plan the activities, create a calendar of events, estimate budget/resource requirement, promote the events to seniors across Ottawa, and ensure participation and engagement of seniors.  Goal is to fulfill the grant objectives and maintain records for each activity for the Annual Report. The team captains present a progress report at the monthly meeting of the Coordination Committee.

Seniors Directory Team

Led by Dr. Indu Gambhir, this team is building up a directory of seniors. This task is our priority. We are out to enlist all or most of the Indo-Canadian seniors across the National Capital Region so we may keep them all informed of our activities and events and invite participation and engagement of seniors. Seniors may enlist in this directory online

Seminars and Workshops Team

Led by Dr. Indu Gambhir, this team is identifying topics and scouting for speakers and workshop leaders to organize seminars and workshops on a variety of topics of interest to seniors in areas like health and wellness, nutrition, fall prevention, seniors helping seniors, neighborhood watch, etc. The purpose of these sessions is to inform, educate and entertain seniors in a variety of subjects.

So far, seven lectures/seminars have been contemplated in collaboration with Deshantari. Check out the Events  for details on the date, time, location and registration for the scheduled events.

  • How and what can you do to help surviving spouse and children? – Speaker: Dr. Indu Gambhir [This Event Page]
  • Alternative/ Ayurvedic Medicine and Diet: Speaker – Dr. Hemant Gupta [Event Pagedetails coming soon]
  • ½ day seminar: “Health & Wellness” topics: Multiple topics and speakers (Speakers and date to be determined) –“Passport of Health” booklet to be created and distributed to each senior attending the session.
  • Two ½ day seminars: “Safety for Seniors” topics: Multiple topics and speakers – personal, financial, fraud and cyber-crime, banking, legal wills, POA, etc (Speakers and date to be determined).
  • Seniors Helping Seniors workshop (Neighbors Helping Neighbors): (Speakers and date to be determined)
  • “Inter-generational Interactions” seminar: Sharing of stories between the 1st and 3rd generations (Speakers and date to be determined).
  • NORC – What services are available for Seniors? (Speakers and date to be determined)

Mentoring Team

Led by Satish Bansal, this team is to launch mentoring activities for the purpose of engaging Indo-Canadian seniors in providing mentoring and guidance in different areas of expertise to seniors and youth across the Ottawa community.

The Mentoring team has identified four areas for mentoring, and is taking these steps:

i) Create a panel of mentors: A Mentoring Expression of Interest Form will be sent out to the seniors in our directory and to all Indo-Canadian organizations inviting proposals from those seniors who are interested in providing mentoring service.

ii) Define and schedule group mentoring events: In consultation with the selected mentors, specific mentoring events will be defined and scheduled to conduct the mentoring activity in groups.

iii) Promote the mentoring events and register people: The mentoring events will be promoted throughout the Ottawa community.

Outings & Trips Team

Led by Sudesh Kanda, this team will organize and schedule outings and trips for seniors such as picnics, tours, movie showing, hiking, walking, etc. to places within and around Ottawa as well as outside Ottawa. Below are tentative trips proposed over the course of July 2016 through March 2017. Further details will be published under the events in due course.

  • Every Wednesday morning at 10 am – Walk/Hike [Details to be announced]
  • July 2/3, 2016 — A picnic for seniors at Vincent Massey Park
  • August (2nd or 3rd week) 2016 —  1000 Islands in Gananoque, Ontario
  • September, 2016 — Mckenzie Estate, Gatineau, Quebec
  • October (2nd week), 2016 — Montebello, Quebec
  • March, 2017 — Maple Bush trip

Note 1: The trips to 1000 Island and Montebello will require renting a commercial bus. The other two trips can be managed by car pooling plus a rented van.

Note 2: We will need to take a personal liability insurance for these trips. The bus company only covers liability for anything happening in the bus.

Technology Team

Led by Piyush Gupta, this team is mandated to purchase laptop PCs, a printer, a tablet, projector, microphone and speakers, implement and manage the technology infrastructure, and conduct training sessions for seniors in using computers, Internet, email, tablets, smartphones, etc. Here’s the course outline and training details. To register into courses, click here.

More information and training events will be announced soon.

Website (http://ICCCSeniors.org)

Led by Anil Agrawal, the ICCC Seniors website will publish information of interest to Seniors as well as the seniors activities and various scheduled events.